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We are currently working on the website.  We may have closed on meetup, but our monthly meetings and presentations are still continuing.

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Making Primitive Pottery

Making pottery is one of those things that a lot of people don’t think of as a prepper skill, but if things went bad we would still need to use cups, plates, and water filters (yes clay is used as a water filter).  Always good to know as many skills as you can, and besides messing with clay is a relaxing past time.

We attended a 2 day pottery class at Practical Primitive in Great Meadow with instructors Eddie and Julie.  It was an incredible class, we learned the whole process from harvesting dirt, separating the clay, then processing and adding to it to get it ready for firing, then creating our pieces and then how to correctly fire the pieces (an art on its own).  This goes beyond regular pottery classes.

We had such a great time and got so much information out of it.  It also made me realize just how it takes many trials to really learn the craft of firing the pottery in a fire pit.  The temperature must increase slowly otherwise you’ll hear the dreaded ping… there goes your project shattering in the middle of the fire.  And on the other hand the fire must be hot enough to complete the firing process.  Also it amazed me that you can get clay anywhere if you follow Eddie’s process.

Here’s a very brief picture overview of what we did, so much more was involved… I never realized how many processes are involved to make your own clay.


Gathering the clay


Now we get dirty... separating the clay, I love it !!! Just the start of this process.


Eddie showing us how to work the clay


Firing the pottery


Almost finished


Finished Pottery

Eddie and Julie are good hosts, they have a beautiful spot to teach their crafts and I’m sure a lot of people return for more classes. I would highly recommend anyone to take their primitive pottery class, an experience.

For more information on their classes, check out the Practical Primitive website:

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December Meeting – Committee Presentations & New Ventures

December 8, 2012 at 10:30am

At last months meeting we launched 6 new committees: 1) Medical/Fitness/First Aid, 2) Food, 3) Land/Real Estate, 4) Home Preparedness 5) Procurement & 6) Communication.

This is a big step forward and will allow serious minded members to contribute to the group with their skills and commitment.

This month’s meeting will feature presentations by 2 or 3 committees to establish direction and new goals. Working together with focus and determination will allow us to accelerate our preparedness as a group. There will be time set aside for general group discussion.

Join us on Northern NJ Preparedness group


Monthly Skill Set Meeting & Moving Forward – Time to Get Serious

Skill Set Presentation – November 17, 2012
From 10:30 – 11:30 Cameron will be giving a complete Presentation on Sprouting. You will leave, knowing how to grow your own sprouts in as little as 3-5 days. A variety of different types of sprouts will be covered and the best lugumes to buy, to get started. She will also touch on common emergency foods and herbs.

Planning & Strategy Session
Immediately following the Skill Set Presentation we will meet for an hour for a Planning and Strategy Session. We hope that several members will voice their ideas and commitment in helping the group move forward. A primary goal is to establish one to three committees – where we can focus our energy and attention to solidify our group preparation. Suggested and potential committees could include, but not limited to, Health & Medical, Food Storage, Land Acquisition, Gardening, Purchasing, Communications, Home Preparedness etc.

The intention is to leave this meeting with a clear direction and action plan.

New members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Jump in and get active!

Check us out on   Northern NJ Preparedness group


Close up of one of the jets that flew over our home on Saturday.

This doesn’t really relate to prepping, but its something that really bothers me so I’m mentioning it anyway.  I’ve been noticing a lot of jets flying overhead lately that make lots of contrails.  This past weekend was the worst I’ve ever seen of this traffic.  They were leaving contrail X’s all over the sky.  It started out as a nice blue sky with no clouds but by the time they were done the “clouds” from their exhaust were all over. It bothered me so much I started filming them, and I had to drag my husband out to take a look.  He was disturbed by it also.  I then tried to call Channel 12 news… they said someone else had called about them too.  I even called Governor Christie’s office, which is always a waste of time, but I did it anyway, and as usual it was a waste of time talking to the guy that took the phone call.

You might be thinking “What does this have to do about Prepping?” I just feel that anything that might be causing a negative impact to our quality of live is something every Prepper needs to be aware of. I’ve read a lot of negative information on contrails and the guesses of what the government is doing.  I finally checked out a website called  a website that addresses their concern about contrails.  They were the ones that suggested that I post it on YouTube and also to call the local tv stations.

Check out the AirCrap video and then check out the one I posted on YouTube (sorry about the ad I have on that one). I filmed this March 10th and 11th in Wayne.  As a matter of fact I started filming when I left the first North Jersey Prepping meeting that we had on Saturday (how ironic is that).  Luckily I had my camera with me. Then I was even more shocked the next day to see the same amount of activity in the sky.

Have you been seeing this activity where you live?

This is just some of the mess of X’s, they were everywhere in the sky.

And to think that earlier there were no “clouds” at all in the sky.

Keep an eye on your sky!

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