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Post from Susan:

When does a Prepper become a Hoarder?  I’ve thought of this after watching the Hoarders TV show and then watching some YouTube videos of a prepper with overstocked and crammed food storage strewn in piles all over living areas.

Is a person not labeled a Hoarder if his inventory is neat and organized compared to someone who just throws things in piles and is extremely unorganized?  One difference between a hoarder and a Prepper is a hoarder saves everything, whether its needed or not and cannot throw anything out.  A Prepper saves for future horrific events as a safety net for themselves and their family.

I often wonder if there’s a line you pass when you start out as a Prepper but then turn into a hoarder as the stockpile of food grows and grows until even a small army couldn’t eat it all before the expiration dates. Some people become unable to pass up any sale food item, even if its something they will never eat.

That’s why its so important to be organized. Keeping track of what comes in and even making a list with expiration dates.  Also doing a Last In, First Out method of keeping food so the food doesn’t get lost before it expires.  That’s why its also important to try to buy what you would normally eat so that you do have the turnover of using the oldest food first.

When does “Being Prepared” turn into going too far?  I think that when storage becomes more important and takes over living space, when people stop living their normal life and that’s all they think about and forget that you have to enjoy your family life also.  If prepping is effecting your family life, I think that’s when its gone too far and it might be the time to take a step back and see if maybe you’ve done enough already, take a break and take stock of what you have.

Not by any means am I against Prepping, I have my one year food storage for myself and my family, I just think like anything else it needs to be kept in perspective.  I think that Prepping can become an obsession and can be taken too far at the cost of one’s family. I’ve seen it happen, I’m just saying, but what do I know.

Ok, now I have to go check my prepping list again, I’m sure I’m missing something.

And as a last note, if you are neither a Hoarder or a Prepper you better start preparing for something that may never happen, but then again it just might.  I’d rather be prepared, if even going overboard as I can always share with my relatives that think I’m crazy if a crisis does occur.


This is just a short post today as I just wanted to tell you the cool news:

I recently joined the Northern New Jersey Preparedness Group, I also volunteered to take over as the organizer.  They haven’t had a meeting in a long time so I’ve set up one for this coming weekend (March 10) at our local library.  I already have 30 people signed up (the group has 95 members).  This will be the first Prepper meeting I’ve ever attended.  This meeting is to talk about how we want to move forward with the group and I’m sure people will talk about the prepping they are doing.

I’ll keep you updated on how the meeting goes.


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I’ve heard this question before…. “Why should I prep?”  And the answer is… You don’t ever want to feel the despair of not being able to feed your children, your wife, your husband, your pets, and yourself.  The way the natural disasters are occurring more frequently, whether its from global warming (which some people are still in denial) or if its just some sort of cycle, Mother Earth is showing us that she is tired of the way we’ve been treating her and she’s finally fighting back.  I’ve heard it expressed before as “Like a dog trying to shake off fleas”, Mother Earth is trying to get rid of the nastiness that’s hurting her.  There are other concerns to… the global economy is so bad, wars are all over, the shifting of the Earth’s plates and the human population is growing at such an alarming rate.  So many disturbing things are going on around all of us its amazing to me that some people still don’t have a clue and they continue on in their wasteful way of life.  I actually felt my first earthquake in New Jersey… in my 50+  years I never remember an earthquake in Jersey, and I still blame it on Fracking (don’t even get me started on that subject).

Prepping has always been important, back in the days it was the norm to prepare and be self sustainable.  Farmers always prepared for the winter when food was lean.  Canning, storing, and protecting what you had was just a way of  life then.  So keep on prepping even if your family, neighbors, or friends are all naysayers.  You can always come on this website for some reassurance.

So take time off of your prepping to enjoy your family, even Preppers have to take a day off to enjoy their families.



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Welcome to Preppers Movement and thanks for stopping by.  I hope to supply you with as much information as I can to help you in getting prepared.

The Prepper Movement is gaining momentum.  My prepper introduction officially started for me the day my husband and I had to do a bucket brigade after Hurricane Irene hit our town.  The electricity was out so our sump pump couldn’t work and so that morning at 7:30am  I heard the one thing I didn’t want to hear… the water alarm box that I had on the floor in the basement.  Down I ran to see how bad it was.  The rain was pouring like crazy outside and when the ground was finally saturated it starting seeping in first through the corners where the downspouts are located outside and then finally it started seeping in from cracks in the cement floor.  We waited to see if the electricity was going to come on, but later on about 9:30 we realized that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon so as the water started creeping slowly up the blocks that the furnace and the water heater stood on and so we had to do something.  And so for the next 4 hours we had a bucket brigade dumping the water out into the backyard.  Somehow we managed a pace that kept the water from reaching the 2 units and after the 4th hour as my cursing started getting more vocal (where my husband couldn’t hear me) my prayers were finally answered and at 1:30 the lights came back on!    On went the sump pump and the worst of the water was gone in a short time, but of course the mess left behind took a few weeks to fully clean up.  After that we got our first generator… and our Prepper journey started.  I want to be prepared and I know that if you have found this website that you also want to be prepared.

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