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NJ Preparedness Meeting for April

Where:  Wayne Public Library, Wayne

When:  10:30 am

We are having a special presentation by the Red Cross.  Carmella Ditmars (the lead presenter), Tommy Ditmars and Paul Gass of the Red Cross have agreed to facilitate a presentation on Preparedness.



We are currently working on the website.  We may have closed on meetup, but our monthly meetings and presentations are still continuing.

Stay tuned!



I am in the process of revamping the website, so keep checking back for updates.

Novembers meeting is being held at the regular meeting place on November 23rd at 10:30.  This month’s meeting is being presented by Mike.  Mike’s presentation will include:

Discussion on Canning, Preserving, and Storage Philosophy.  This talk will provide an overview of the basics of hot water canning, pressure canning, mylar and 02 absorbers, dehydrating,  and will touch on other preservation or food storage methods. Tools and materials will be described along with a show and tell of example products,  thoughts on stocking supplies for canning, and time for sharing ideas and experiences. Information on additional resources will be provided.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



Making Primitive Pottery

Making pottery is one of those things that a lot of people don’t think of as a prepper skill, but if things went bad we would still need to use cups, plates, and water filters (yes clay is used as a water filter).  Always good to know as many skills as you can, and besides messing with clay is a relaxing past time.

We attended a 2 day pottery class at Practical Primitive in Great Meadow with instructors Eddie and Julie.  It was an incredible class, we learned the whole process from harvesting dirt, separating the clay, then processing and adding to it to get it ready for firing, then creating our pieces and then how to correctly fire the pieces (an art on its own).  This goes beyond regular pottery classes.

We had such a great time and got so much information out of it.  It also made me realize just how it takes many trials to really learn the craft of firing the pottery in a fire pit.  The temperature must increase slowly otherwise you’ll hear the dreaded ping… there goes your project shattering in the middle of the fire.  And on the other hand the fire must be hot enough to complete the firing process.  Also it amazed me that you can get clay anywhere if you follow Eddie’s process.

Here’s a very brief picture overview of what we did, so much more was involved… I never realized how many processes are involved to make your own clay.


Gathering the clay


Now we get dirty... separating the clay, I love it !!! Just the start of this process.


Eddie showing us how to work the clay


Firing the pottery


Almost finished


Finished Pottery

Eddie and Julie are good hosts, they have a beautiful spot to teach their crafts and I’m sure a lot of people return for more classes. I would highly recommend anyone to take their primitive pottery class, an experience.

For more information on their classes, check out the Practical Primitive website:

Thanks for stopping by.



Since so many people go on vacation in July we’ve decided to not hold a July meeting, unless someone wants to step up and have a presentation.

If this heat wave subsides we do plan on hopefully having a hike instead.

Enjoy your summer.


Alon and Angel are going to give a First Aid presentation.

Anyone that wants to order a kit from Alon can do that at the meeting.  He is waiting for some of the products for the ones that are already ordered and hopes to get them in a week or so.  We will hold a meeting to put together those kits for those that ordered them.


A lot of us have expressed an interest on solar.  Oscar has offered to give a solar power presentation, complete with a handout.


This month we are having 3 presenters:

Presenter #1:  Is in the process of building some extensive First-Aid / EMT Style Emergency Kits for his car and home and he has generously offered to show us what he has done and to perhaps organize bulk purchases so we can all also make our own kits.

Presenter #2:  Is giving a short discussion on the infection fighter, colloidal silver, something we should all know about.

Presenter #3:   Will explain H202 therapy (Hydrogen Peroxide therapy) an absolute necessity for when TSHTF.

A lot of knowledge in one meeting.


January Monthly Meeting
& Communication – Ham Radio Presentation
Setting 2013 Goals

Ham Radio & Communications’ Presentation
This month’s meeting features a special treat. Frank – the owner of Home Tek LLC – a New Jersey based Communications Company ( will be giving a presentation on a variety of Ham Radio’s, SSB & CB Radios, as well as Hand Held Radio’s and Repeaters and more…. We will also cover capabilities of certain products, as well as licensing protocol.
Frank founded Home Tek in 1990. He has been a Ham Radio Operator for over 40 years! He worked for AT&T for over 20 years doing Research & Development and managed testing and certification for many different types of communication equipment. Frank was also the CEO of a mid-size engineering company that built a network that connected over 100 US military bases around the world!
The group plans to identify our communication requirements – research certain products and start to implement our communication strategy.
A “group” that cannot effectively communicate with its members – is simply a collection of individuals acting independently.
Monthly Meeting topics to be discussed

• Upcoming Disaster Scenario Weekend Conference
• Setting Goals for 2013
• Committee’s Report and Progress

Go to: and sign up at Northern NJ Preparedness group to join us.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


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