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August Meetup for Northern New Jersey Preparedness Group: For those of you that have ever thought about beekeeping or have bees and want to know more or are just curious this will be a presentation you won’t want to miss.  The presenter is a veteran beekeeper and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and has done many presentations to other groups and we were fortunate to be able to book him for our August meetup.

Summer is a tough time to keep meetings going as people go on their vacations but we decided we didn’t want to skip over the summer and that’s why we now have meetings in the morning so people can come to a meeting and then go and still enjoy the day.

We will also be discussing what we have coming up in September, you won’t want to miss that information as many people have expressed interest in what we have planned!



Update:  July 2012: Judge Lawrence Katz ruled that Victor Alfieri is not guilty of violating a town law by keeping three hens on his property.  Here is the article by Dan Hubbard, my favorite reporter:  


Here’s the background on Victor’s story:


Victor Alfieri who is running a valiant campaign to get the town of Wayne, NJ to change their chicken law.  I live in Wayne and I am for this change.  Currently you have to own 2 acres to raise chickens, who can afford 2 acres in Wayne?  And where can you find 2 acres in Wayne to buy?  When I was growing up Wayne had plenty of farms, now we have ONE.  When the developers starting paying off the politicians the farms disappeared as did the majority of trees.

Victor has worked hard on his fight, I’m sure the council people thought he would go away, but he didn’t.  And now the movement is growing.  At the final vote for the change, after a year and a half of discussions the council people decided they needed to discuss it some more.  If I hadn’t been there I never would have believed their behavior.  Accusations were flying and they were acting worse than 3rd graders, I was embarrassed for our town.  These are the people that represent us?  Even one member of the council that had helped to make the revisions voted it down!  How incredible is that?  Well that debacle will just make the movement stronger.

Here is the Podcast location for Victor, he brings up a lot of good information:   (Episode 883) Podcast Interview with Victor Alfieri on the Urban Homesteading Movement
With Jack from The Survival Podcast

Here is Victor’s website:

And here is Wayne’s proposed town ordinance that needs to go through:

The Planning Board will be recommending a change to the Township Council to permit chickens with the following standards:

For properties 10,000 square feet or greater but less than 2 acres. The keeping of no more than 4 chicken hens, provided that the following criteria are met:

(a) there shall be 2 square feet of coop area per chicken hen;
(b) coops shall be no closer than 10 feet to the rear property line;
(c) coops shall be no closer than 10 feet to the side property line;
(d) coops shall be located in a rear yard or a side yard; coops are not permitted in a front yard;
(e) there shall be provided a minimum 35 square feet of run area; Max 85 Sq. Ft.
(f) runs shall be located in a rear yard or a side yard; runs are not permitted in a front yard;
(g) roosters shall not be permitted;
(h) there shall be no breeding;
(i)  there shall be no slaughtering
(j) no selling of the eggs
(k) $25.00 yearly fee

An acre is 43,560 square feet.
10,000 square feet a little less
than a 1/4 acre.



We had the Northern New Jersey Preparedness meeting this past Saturday. There were over 25 of us there, and what a great group of people… full of ideas. It was nice meeting everyone.

The members came from all different areas of Northern NJ, from different walks of life and different sets of skills, a great mix. Every one came up with lots of ideas for our future meetings and I’ve already reserved the meeting room for the next two months as we decided we should at least meet monthly.

We started the meeting by introducing ourselves and mentioned the reasons we were there and what we each wanted to get out of the group. The two hours went by so quickly.  At the end many of us stayed and talked in small groups and exchanged useful information.  It was suggested that maybe we should do that at the end of each meeting…. mingle and talk among ourselves, not a bad idea.

Our plan is to figure out what skills our members would like to share with the rest of the group and each month we can highlight a member.

I just had to take a picture of the room before everyone arrived.  I didn’t set up the table and chairs very well so we had to rearrange them after the meeting started.  We put the tables around in a circle so everyone could see each other.  Lesson learned for the next meeting.

I’m looking forward to the next meeting already!


This is just a short post today as I just wanted to tell you the cool news:

I recently joined the Northern New Jersey Preparedness Group, I also volunteered to take over as the organizer.  They haven’t had a meeting in a long time so I’ve set up one for this coming weekend (March 10) at our local library.  I already have 30 people signed up (the group has 95 members).  This will be the first Prepper meeting I’ve ever attended.  This meeting is to talk about how we want to move forward with the group and I’m sure people will talk about the prepping they are doing.

I’ll keep you updated on how the meeting goes.


Do-1-Thing: LDS Emergency Preparedness


I’ve heard this question before…. “Why should I prep?”  And the answer is… You don’t ever want to feel the despair of not being able to feed your children, your wife, your husband, your pets, and yourself.  The way the natural disasters are occurring more frequently, whether its from global warming (which some people are still in denial) or if its just some sort of cycle, Mother Earth is showing us that she is tired of the way we’ve been treating her and she’s finally fighting back.  I’ve heard it expressed before as “Like a dog trying to shake off fleas”, Mother Earth is trying to get rid of the nastiness that’s hurting her.  There are other concerns to… the global economy is so bad, wars are all over, the shifting of the Earth’s plates and the human population is growing at such an alarming rate.  So many disturbing things are going on around all of us its amazing to me that some people still don’t have a clue and they continue on in their wasteful way of life.  I actually felt my first earthquake in New Jersey… in my 50+  years I never remember an earthquake in Jersey, and I still blame it on Fracking (don’t even get me started on that subject).

Prepping has always been important, back in the days it was the norm to prepare and be self sustainable.  Farmers always prepared for the winter when food was lean.  Canning, storing, and protecting what you had was just a way of  life then.  So keep on prepping even if your family, neighbors, or friends are all naysayers.  You can always come on this website for some reassurance.

So take time off of your prepping to enjoy your family, even Preppers have to take a day off to enjoy their families.



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