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This meeting was packed with information.  We had two presenters:  Victor and Jacques.

Victor, who is well known in Wayne for paving the way (after a 1 1/2 year struggle) for the rest of us to comfortably be able to raise a few backyard chickens in Wayne.  He talked about homesteading, square foot gardening and self sufficient survival.  He showed us how we can all make so much better use of our yards and utilize any available space to grow food.  He also discussed quails, which I found very interesting.  If anyone wants more information on Victor and the services he provides, check out:

The second presenter was Jacques who discussed financial preparedness, something that we all need to plan for now.  We all need to protect our finances and this can be done in many ways to cover many bases.  He brought up a lot of great points and even provided the group with a financial preparedness quiz.  If anyone wants to contact him for his services you can email him at:


Jacques and Financial Preparation

Jacques and Financial Preparation

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