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Why I started Prepping


I got into prepping more seriously after Hurricane Irene did her destruction to the area of NJ where I live.  We had no electricity and my husband and I had to do a bucket brigade just to keep the water in the basement from reaching the water heater and furnace.  We did that for hours and we both swore that we would never let that happen again.  We went out an purchased a generator for next time just to run the sump pump and refrigerator. And with this scary weather we are now having we ended up using the generator soon after buying it.

More of us are becoming enlightened to the changes going on around us with the Earth.  Severe weather, wars, earthquakes, fracking, 2012 Mayan predictions, earth vibration changes, etc.  The time is now to get prepared, and next time you see your neighbor, say hello.

If my husband and I can be preppers so can you.  Having at least one months supply of food and water makes you that much stronger in facing an emergency and makes it that much easier to take care of your family.


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