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Are You New to Prepping?


Advice for new Preppers:

1.  Read all you can.  Check out the American Preppers Network, go to your library and check out books there, my local library had many books.  Don’t only read about Prepping but also books on survival skills (always better to be prepared), disaster readiness, first aid, etc.

2.  Set a goal to store at least enough food and water for 1 month, then you can go on from there.  Water was the toughest for me, but I took it slowly and every time I go to the store I buy a 2.5 gallon of water and store it.  I also have empty plastic fruit juice gallon bottles that I cleaned and filled with water.  I keep them around the house and use them to water my plants, etc. and then refill them with fresh water.

3.  Have a prepper bug out bag for each member of your family, and don’t forget your pets they can have one too.  Keep it in a tucked away but easily accessed spot.

4.  Keep a first aid kit and a bug out bag kit in your car.

5.  Don’t go crazy buying all kinds of food to store away.  Be realistic, try to buy what you use and then make sure you switch it around… keep in mind… last food in should be the first food used.  So when you purchase new food put it to the back of what you have already purchased so you have a system of keeping things fresh.  I’ve seen preppers storing way too much food that could probably feed an army, and unfortunately a lot of that food will go bad before it ever gets used.  The long term bucket food that can be purchased is good for long term storage, but you might want to try it first to make sure it is something you would even eat, and remember that the long term food already prepared for storage is an expensive option for a prepper.

6.  Stock up on  candles, flashlights, and matches (make sure to put the matches in a protective can).

7. If you can grow your own vegetables.

8.  Learn all the skills you can.  Canning, candlemaking, gardening,

9. Take a first aid course as well as a CPR course.

10. Get off the grid as much as you can.

11.  Get into the frame of mind that material things are not that important.

12. Get into a regular exercise routine, its important to be  in the best shape that you can.

13. Eat as healthy as you can, good for your body and your mind.

14.  Join a local prepper group.

So for those that are new to prepping, you can do it! and the best of luck.

Contact us if you have any prepper questions.

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  2. I bought E-PREP Cards on ebay for my friends and family who are new to prepping. It’s pretty straight forward and kinda fun way to prep. Worked great. My peeps really liked them.

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