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This short rant is for the new prepper. Gather slow, don’t buy, buy, buy and then have no place to put it. Plan ahead before you bring things home on where you want to store it all. Try to buy things on sale, so wait if you do anticipate a good sale. Some preppers go overboard and buy all kinds of food, even stuff that they wouldn’t normally eat, and enough to last decades. Remember that food has shelf life and its a waste to buy to much, store it and then have it go bad. I buy only what we normally eat, and stay away from things that have a great sale price but I know my family won’t use, so unless I get it for free I won’t waste my money no matter how good a sale it is. I mark everything with the date that I purchased it and make sure to store the newest toward the back so that I’m using the oldest first. It is a pain to bring stuff in from the food store, mark it with the dates, drag it all to the storage area and then rearrange so the newest goes in the back, but at least I then keep familiar what I have and I know that we are using and will have less chance of wasting anything. Being a prepper is work, but worth the peace of mind.

The USDA has a wonderful site that is great for every prepper on food safety and shelf life.   Check it out.

Ok that’s my sermon for today. Thanks for stopping by.


A can with botulism

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  1. The first book I ever read on the prepper liyestfle was Farnham’s Freehold. Wish I still had my copy. While things have definitely evolved now and you have more options than you had in 64 it was the thought processes involved to prepare that have stuck with me.Nothing has a single purpose. You need cleaners and antiseptics. You might need explosives. Therefore your cleaner and antiseptic can produce a usable explosive. Warning At 16 I was inspired to topple trees using the Farnham method. It was wondrously effective. We prepared 6 trees for their doom. At 50yds away we set up some sandbags to lay behind and use as a rest for the .22LR we were using. the first 5 went like a textbook exercise falling within a few feet of our projected landing spots. The 6th tree not set off by us. It was detonated by a squirrel. We watched it happen. That stuff was sensitive as hell and should only be used if you are out of options

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