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We had our Prepper’s Weekend Conference in NY state and it was a great success.  Everyone worked well together and the presentations were great.

Thanks to all who did presentations, we learned so much.

For those of you that missed it, here is a part of the flyer we had:

Northern New Jersey Preparedness Group

Is Sponsoring

A Prepper’s Weekend Conference

A Weekend of Learning, Fun, and Connecting with Other’s (We definitely did that!)

In a Beautiful Mountain Setting (We got to hear an owl hooting every night)

September 14 – 16. 2012

Conference will take place rain or shine (We had great weather)

A Weekend Conference, designed to present several hands-on demos in prepping skills. A great opportunity to network with other prepper’s!

Possible skills to be covered in the weekend

Canning and Preserving – Making Sprouts – Use of Sun Solar Oven – Compass Use– Fire Starting – Bug out Bag Study

Water Purification – “Be Prepared” Surprise Exercise” – Shortwave Radio – Lecture on Food Storage (Dietary, Amounts, Rotation) etc…….



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