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I’ve heard this question before…. “Why should I prep?”  And the answer is… You don’t ever want to feel the despair of not being able to feed your children, your wife, your husband, your pets, and yourself.  The way the natural disasters are occurring more frequently, whether its from global warming (which some people are still in denial) or if its just some sort of cycle, Mother Earth is showing us that she is tired of the way we’ve been treating her and she’s finally fighting back.  I’ve heard it expressed before as “Like a dog trying to shake off fleas”, Mother Earth is trying to get rid of the nastiness that’s hurting her.  There are other concerns to… the global economy is so bad, wars are all over, the shifting of the Earth’s plates and the human population is growing at such an alarming rate.  So many disturbing things are going on around all of us its amazing to me that some people still don’t have a clue and they continue on in their wasteful way of life.  I actually felt my first earthquake in New Jersey… in my 50+  years I never remember an earthquake in Jersey, and I still blame it on Fracking (don’t even get me started on that subject).

Prepping has always been important, back in the days it was the norm to prepare and be self sustainable.  Farmers always prepared for the winter when food was lean.  Canning, storing, and protecting what you had was just a way of  life then.  So keep on prepping even if your family, neighbors, or friends are all naysayers.  You can always come on this website for some reassurance.

So take time off of your prepping to enjoy your family, even Preppers have to take a day off to enjoy their families.



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