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Prepper Dog Toy

Pets often get forgotten when it comes to emergencies.  That’s why its so important to prepare ahead.  Making a prepper bug out bag for them is the best thing and keep it next to yours.  Keep 3 days worth of food, water, and don’t forget some treats.  I included some chew toys for my dogs (the three of them have to share a but out bag along with the cat)  I also included food & water dishes that can be stacked on top of each other to allow for room.  I put in the 3 day supply of cat food since my cat is also a prepper (he’s a cool cat).  If any animals need medication keep at lest a 7 day supply of that in the bug out bag.  Nail clippers and tweezers (for those nasty ticks) and I also keep a spare flea comb that I have, also a first aid kit.  Any thing that you use for your animals on a daily or weekly basis should be included.  Don’t forget a can opener if you use canned food.  I have a cat carrier near the bug out bags for quick retrieval.  Also a good idea is to keep spare leashes and collars in the bag.  I also included a small blanket, which isn’t enough for my crew, they will fight over that, but blankets take up a lot of space.  I also keep a spare towel just in case (maybe whoever doesn’t get to use the blanket can fight over that… only kidding).  I have one of those metal twist tie out to twist into the ground to then keep a dog tied up in one spot, that may be going overboard but I had a spare so I threw it in. I also have a dog sweater that my small dog refuses to wear, it’s too embarrassing for her… but you never know if we’re stuck in the cold she might change her mind.

I also put in my dog’s latest shot records, just in case.  Being prepared means covering all bases, some of this might seem extreme to some and to others the norm.  I just don’t want to have to be running around in circles if disaster strikes and I would rather be over prepared then under.  Oh and don’t forget to put emergency numbers in that bag… that of your veterinarian.  I’ve also read to keep a photo of your pet in the bag in case they get lost.  Remember that being in a catastrophic situation brings out the worst in all of us, and your pets are no different.  A pet might bolt away from you, being so frightened, and you might be separated through no fault of your own so a photo might become important in finding a lost pet.  The Red Cross has many good suggestions for pet preparedness in an emergency, and I’m sure there are many more suggestions on their site than I’ve mentioned.

Oh yes, and I haven’t forgotten our cockatiel, Gabby.  Luckily he and his food is right near the bug out bags so he’s all set too.

Every once in a while I go through the scenario of what I would do if disaster strikes… like they said have a plan and be prepared and I consider my pets in that scenario as they are a part of my family also and I am ultimately the one responsible for their well being.  So get your pet bug out bag and let us know what else you’ve included in yours.

Good luck with your prepping.

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