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Keith did a fantastic presentation and covered so much information. We had a packed room of 44 people.

Thank you Keith !

And thanks to Jacques for his motivating talk about the groups future and getting members to step up and present their skills.

If you missed it, here was the meetup flyer:


Preparedness Skill Set Meeting & Outline, Vision and Direction of the next 4 months of group activities.

(Bring your ideas and action plans to share with the group)
We will also discuss the incredible success of our recent Prepper’s Weekend Conference!

We are having a 2 hour information packed Preparedness Skill Set meeting led by a former Marine, who is kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to speak to our group. He has extensive knowledge, learned through experience in the field – of the most essential gear that every Prepper should have on hand.

Bring your Bug out Bag with you – if you have one – no matter how good or bad it may be. This is a great opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge, and to understand the psychology of the Bug Out Bag and General Preparedness going beyond just the BoB. This Skill-Set meeting will provide invaluable info to novice and those further along in their prepping.

Plenty of time for Q&A and group participation. Bring paper and pen!

New members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Jump in and get active!

See meetup (Northern NJ Preparedness)  to sign up.

Cost is $5 per person – to help us cover Meetup and other costs.
Bring a snack and water.


Don created the 1st Annual NJ Preparedness Conference T-Shirt so that he could wear one to the conference.  If you are interested you can also purchase one of his creations.  You can order through PayPal, just keep in mind that the turn around time is at least 2 weeks, as soon as we get them from the supplier we will mail them out within 24 hours.  The $20 price includes shipping, any profit made goes entirely toward the Northern NJ Preparedness group for our future ventures.

It it printed on a white short sleeved T-Shirt with the following picture:

Prepper T-Shirt

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