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This is just a short post today as I just wanted to tell you the cool news:

I recently joined the Northern New Jersey Preparedness Group, I also volunteered to take over as the organizer.  They haven’t had a meeting in a long time so I’ve set up one for this coming weekend (March 10) at our local library.  I already have 30 people signed up (the group has 95 members).  This will be the first Prepper meeting I’ve ever attended.  This meeting is to talk about how we want to move forward with the group and I’m sure people will talk about the prepping they are doing.

I’ll keep you updated on how the meeting goes.


Do-1-Thing: LDS Emergency Preparedness

Chicken Prepper

The town of Wayne, where I live  is currently deciding on whether to allow chickens on smaller parcels.  Currently they allow chickens on 2 acres or larger pieces of properties and in this suburban town having 2 acres of land is a rarity.   Victor Alfieri, a Wayne resident started this fight a year and a half ago, after a neighbor complained to the town about his 3 chickens (his property is under 2 acres).  Victor and his wife have been trying to live a sustainable life and he grows all his own vegetables… we need so many more people like that.    He even has a business of putting in gardens for others, you can check his website out at Woodlot Farms.

I don’t have current plans to raise chickens but I would like the option of doing so on my property, which is also under 2 acres.  Raising 3 chickens can’t possibly be that noisy and the benefits of having fresh eggs and getting rid of ticks make it very worth it.

Many years ago, when I was 14 years old my friend and I hatched and raised two chickens and kept them in her backyard when they grew up (I snuck the baby hens into my room for a couple of nights until my mother found out) and I was shocked that when we put them in my friend’s backyard, her crabby neighbor didn’t complain so that’s proof that 2 or 3 chickens don’t make that much noise, especially since the chickens we had were in an area right near the crabby neighbor’s bedroom window but hidden by bushes.   He sure did complain about everything else we did, so it was kind of a triumph for us that he never saw the chickens.

The preppers movement is here and we all have to fight for our rights for sustainability.  I plan on expanding my gardens, including the one in the front yard this year.

Here is the link to read more about the chicken fight:  Wayne Man Fights to Keep His Three Chickens

Prepper Eggs !

Keep the prepper movement going !


I’ve heard this question before…. “Why should I prep?”  And the answer is… You don’t ever want to feel the despair of not being able to feed your children, your wife, your husband, your pets, and yourself.  The way the natural disasters are occurring more frequently, whether its from global warming (which some people are still in denial) or if its just some sort of cycle, Mother Earth is showing us that she is tired of the way we’ve been treating her and she’s finally fighting back.  I’ve heard it expressed before as “Like a dog trying to shake off fleas”, Mother Earth is trying to get rid of the nastiness that’s hurting her.  There are other concerns to… the global economy is so bad, wars are all over, the shifting of the Earth’s plates and the human population is growing at such an alarming rate.  So many disturbing things are going on around all of us its amazing to me that some people still don’t have a clue and they continue on in their wasteful way of life.  I actually felt my first earthquake in New Jersey… in my 50+  years I never remember an earthquake in Jersey, and I still blame it on Fracking (don’t even get me started on that subject).

Prepping has always been important, back in the days it was the norm to prepare and be self sustainable.  Farmers always prepared for the winter when food was lean.  Canning, storing, and protecting what you had was just a way of  life then.  So keep on prepping even if your family, neighbors, or friends are all naysayers.  You can always come on this website for some reassurance.

So take time off of your prepping to enjoy your family, even Preppers have to take a day off to enjoy their families.



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